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Epoxy Flooring Installer Cupertino, CA

Cupertino Epoxy Flooring provides epoxy flooring services in Cupertino, CA for your home or commercial business. We are experts in epoxy garage floors and commercial concrete floor coatings.

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Quality garage concrete floor coating

Affordable Garage Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Santa Clara County

Welcome to Cupertino Epoxy Flooring! We’re the local epoxy garage flooring contractor servicing all of Santa Clara County and beyond. Our flooring experts specialize in floor coatings for residential homeowners as well as commercial and industrial. We have experience that covers epoxy garage flooring, epoxy re-coating, resin coating, metallic epoxy flooring, and more. When you are looking to have a new, polished concrete floor installed for your garage, you can rely on our trained and licensed flooring contractors to execute the job. You’ll find that we have several varieties of finishes and materials that can make your garage floor coating shine.

Our staff contains a group of friendly, reliable professionals who have been installing and finishing garage floors for years. We love laying down new epoxy floor coatings for our customers because the reaction we get after each installation is that of shock and awe. We love our job and we make sure all of our customers get 100% of our commitment so that they are 100% satisfied with their new garage floor.

Every customer that calls us has a different vision for their garage flooring. The fun begins when you pick up the phone and speak to our designers who will work with you and discuss how we can help meet your vision. All of our customers get free estimates and we inform them of our rates up front, so there are no hidden costs, only affordable prices.

As with all of our floor coating services, we give you the ability to select from a wide variety of floor coatings and premium finishes, from flakes, pebble stone, metallic, sealing, color choices, and more. After we’re finished with the installation, you’ll love the look of your new epoxy floor. To learn more about our services, give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for!

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Add value to your home with a floor coating

Residential Epoxy Flooring

For the homeowners in Cupertino and neighboring cities such as Saratoga, Sunnyvale, and Campbell, we’ve been delivering only the best epoxy flooring services. Garage flooring is the most popular type of residential installation, we have installed floors in garage gyms, and living rooms. While floor tiles are most commonly found on kitchen floors, we have experience installing epoxy there as well because it's actually a great material choice for that environment.

You may be wondering about the benefits of an epoxy garage floor. For starters, they add value and aesthetics to your home because of their incredible durability. Compared to unpolished concrete floors, functionally, an epoxy floor is resistant to scratches, impacts, chemical spills, and have high heat tolerance. Aesthetically, you can turn a boring gray concrete floor into a polished, shiny floor with design in it.

When we come to your home to start the project, our top flooring contractors will be at work, and they can answer any question you will have about the process. We use professional equipment, suitable for residential, commercial, and even industrial installations. The project may take a few days, and that is because we make sure to pay attention to all the details, from prep work, to cleanup. Quality work doesn’t come from taking shortcuts!

If you are renovating your home and want to add value more with epoxy coatings or even a concrete paving installation, contact us today and have a new epoxy resin floor installed! Your garage floor will serve as a multipurpose room that will look great for years to come.

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Concrete flooring and finishing

Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Spaces

In addition to residential, we are fully capable of installing epoxy flooring resin in a commercial or industrial setting. Our floors are durable and will stand up to anything that is put onto them. We have a variety of coating finishes for your convenience, from simple coatings all the way up to high gloss options when you want to make your space professional. We have experience working in a variety of industries, so we know just what finish you need. From sports gyms to schools, hospitals, offices, and warehouses, we got you covered.

We can install a brand new floor or repair your existing epoxy floors. We offer the same professional service to all customers, no matter how big or small the project. We’ll produce a premium shine so you'll have beautiful results every time. If you have a commercial space that receives a lot of daily foot traffic, epoxy floors can last more than 3 years with proper care and maintenance. We are also able to reapply coatings if and when necessary. Nonetheless, they are the best choice when you want long-lasting floors.

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letters and numbers engraved in a concrete surface
Add a touch of design to concrete

Concrete Engraving

Commonly found in commercial and universities are concrete engravings. We use patented machinery that are designed for concrete engraving. This enables us to etch numbers, letters, and design into concrete surfaces, resulting in stylistic, finishes.

Concrete engraving is also commonly found in residential driveways, retail stores, and even restaurants. After concrete has properly cured, we are able to stain and engrave the concrete. The contrast in material finish is what gives the concrete a spectacular finish.

We work with a variety of surfaces including granite, marble, tarrazo, quartz, slate, and stained finishes. When you're ready to install a concrete floor with an added engraving design, you can have full confidence knowing our epoxy flooring company can meet your project vision.

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What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy is a liquid resin that is applied to concrete surfaces. When cured, the epoxy hardens and acts as a protective, slip-proof and chemical resistant layer that prolongs the surface of the concrete floor.

Epoxy floor installation for a residential rustic kitchen design

Our Floor Coating Services

With each new project, we are always looking to improve our epoxy floor coating services for commercial and residential projects alike. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask questions about your flooring project—we’ll guide you throughout the process.

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Epoxy garage flooring

Make your garage floor more beautiful and stain-free with a durable epoxy coating.

Commercial epoxy flooring

Protect your commercial floor with a long-lasting epoxy resin finish.

Industrial epoxy flooring

Make the concrete floor of your industrial space more durable with a coating.

Epoxy concrete repair and coating

Whether you need to reapply a coating or repair concrete, we’ll be able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Floor Installation

How much does epoxy flooring cost?
The epoxy comes in after our concrete contractors lay down a new floor or prep your existing. Applying a garage floor coating is a messy process that can get complicated if you’re not careful. The average cost of a new installation can range from $3–$12 per square foot, for residential, commercial, and industrial. For an idea of the total investment in a residential setting, a project can be between $1300–$3000.

What are the benefits of an epoxy garage floor?
They are easy to clean—They're so easy to maintain because you can just sweep and mop away any dirt, crumbs, or debris with water and it'll be ready go again in no time.

Durability—Resin coated floors are very scratch resistant, resilient, and can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees fahrenheit. They are even resistant to mold, and any chemicals that may spill on them.

Safe for versatile use—After most garage installations, epoxy flooring can be ready to use in 24 hours. After a full cure the floor will be great for a variety of uses.

How do you maintain an epoxy floor?
With easy maintenance, the lifespan of your floor will depend on how well you take care of it. To keep its shine, plan to do a quick mop once a week with a mild scrubber. For commercial concrete floors, a coating may need to be reapplied every few years, depending on its foot traffic, and especially of vehicles are driving on it.