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When you're looking to engrave your concrete or improve the surface finish, we can provide professional engraving and surface treatment to your concrete for an aesthetic finish.

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Concrete Engraving and Surface Finishing

What is concrete engraving? Also known as concrete etching, it is the process in which we use specialized tools and equipment made for concrete, to carve designs into existing concrete surfaces. Commonly found on university campuses, such as on brick surfaces, or open plazas, where you might see names of sponsors or alumni carved into the surface.

Unlike toppings or overlays used in an epoxy flooring installation, engravings are permanent because material is carved from the surface of the concrete rather than applied on top. When combined with polishing and staining, the end result is aesthetic, decorative, and beautiful.

We are able to engrave lettering and other designs to give your concrete floor a professional, customized touch. In the process, the concrete overall is first stained, and then the engraved pattern or design is carved out. The result is a contrast in the two material color and finishes.

Both interior and exterior concrete can be engraved, as well as new or old concrete. From epoxy garage flooring to driveways and commercial concrete flooring in restaurants, engraving will always add a unique look to the customer experience.

About 3–4 weeks after concrete cures, the engraving process can begin. The surface is cleaned first before the machines can come in and do their thing. This step is more necessary for refinishing old concrete because there may be more dust and dirt or other stains on it.

The average price for concrete engraving is around $3–$8 per square foot, and this depends on the size of the concrete and the amount of surface prep that may be needed prior to the actual engraving. Complexity of design is also a factor as well. When you're looking to engrave a concrete design, talk to our concrete contractor and we'll be glad to help.

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