Concrete Repair and Coating

We can service existing epoxy floors and apply a new coat in order to give it a fresh new shine and protective layer.

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Solutions for concrete cracks

Maintenance and Repair

Installed or cared for incorrectly and concrete will become cracked and damaged. Our experts at Cupertino Epoxy Flooring provide concrete repair service home, business and industrial complex owners. We are frequently called upon to repair and coat residential, commercial, and industrial concrete floors in addition to the installation of epoxy flooring solutions.

As part of our professional concrete repair services, our experts will look to see if proper repairs can be achieved through quick patchwork. Next, we’ll inspect your floor to ensure that no water damage or leaks have occurred, which could lead to future problems down the road. If needed or desired, we will install a full epoxy floor to ensure they stay beautiful, safe and durable for years to come.

Maintenance for these floors is low and very easy but will need to be done regularly for the most longevity. In general, since the floors don't need soap, avoid using soap-based cleaners—all you need is some warm water and a floor mop. It's also advised that you keep the surface free and mop up dirt and grit, as those can scratch and penetrate the resin coating.

If you have cracked or damaged concrete floors and want to learn more about maintenance, call us today and speak with our specialist.

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Understand Reasons for Cracks

Causes of Cracks and Damage

Concrete is subject to a variety of harsh conditions from the bearing of heavy weight to weather and age. It’s not unusual for concrete to crack, but when it does it’s best to ensure proper repairs are done to guard against further damage. For wide cracks in highly trafficked areas such as driveways and garage floors, our highly-skilled team of expert will use a professional grade concrete patching compound. For cracks that are less than ¼ inch wide, professional grade concrete caulk and liquid filler are the preferred method to repair any cracks.

Epoxy flooring can also be damaged, however it’s not often as a result of usage. It is as a result of incorrect installation. This is the number one reason why using a qualified, professional, and skilled team to install your epoxy flooring the right way is essential to receiving all of the benefits an epoxy floor provides to any residential, commercial or industrial building.

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